Alessandro Ragazzo

11 – 23 December 2021 h 20:00 M9 – Museo del ‘900, Auditorium Cesare De Michelis “Concerts for auditorium” is configured as an investigation around the Sound landscape through the form of the concert. Four site-specific concerts, designed specifically for a place, the Cesare De Michelis Auditorium. Alessandro Ragazzo, Nicola Quiriconi, Francesco Piva and Enrico Coniglio will be involved, artists who work with sound, whose research investigates the dimension of listening and all those implications connected to it that it brings to our daily life. Sound understood as the catalyst element of an encounter: that between the human being and the architectural space in the collective dimension of the event. Conceived for a space specially designated for quality listening, these concerts create a bridge with the exhibition “Draw Love Build. The architecture of Sauerbruch Hutton” set up on the third floor of the museum. The “Concerts” will relate directly to the museum’s exhibition program, while representing a tribute to the designers of Polo M9, the auditorium and the Temporary studio in the Cloister.

Alessandro Ragazzo: audio

Matteo Martignoni: video

min: 3.08

The whole soundscape and not is an immense “desire” for human liveability or representation that aims at human identity, changes and mutations of the soil and of social fabrics. For Schopenhauer the “Phenomenon / s” (the human / s) and also the one who makes and acts everything under the banner of illusion and representation, continually clouding reality, thus also veiling the aspect of one’s individual life, also twisting on the territories humans, landscape and sound … livability of life. The content of nature is made up of “phenomena” that live in the necessary and are necessary, to feed the “Phenomenon” and the fact or facts; building as in our case various e multiple consequences, diseases, destruction of the soil and the environment, serious changes of the ecosystem. Will = Necessity = Consequence. In the track in question (Interferenze Diafane) we start from a landscape of course genuine and then hear that more and more sounds of electromagnetic waves (fruit of the human construct) which almost seems to want to unseat that natural equilibrium primal, even if we still remain in the concept of natural will, devoid of one human consciousness but of an instinctive type… ..The vision is that of an intricate landscape natural, dry and sterile, “interfered” by its natural growth path, changing in the shapeless vision of the final scene.

Cycle of sound interventions performed in natural spaces, interventions that emphasize the fusion of the external environment and the overlapping of environmental recordings of various kinds where the human presence in that moment is missing, the only subject and my almost temporary presence and the noise surrounding. Contents that are emptied of their meaning, stratification of the territory with other geographies and other moments; fragments of sounds also lost in their historicization that act as a warning to the immediate, whispering their transience over time. Each territory of these performances is formed by concepts according to the Kantian philosophy and not by intuitions, creating a short circuit of the landscape and its concepts, thus overloading with other places displaced temporally and geographically, the present of “Sound project for missed places” is transformed constantly under his hands in the past.

Concert for plants llll

Alessandro Ragazzo ___soundscape

Giacomo Artusi___video

Fourth chapter of concert for “seedlings” (grown are no longer seedlings but now become plants) by Alessandro Ragazzo and Giacomo Artusi; a tribute to the plant world, consisting of a completely analog-digital set, with the acoustic part focused on the construction of a sound landscape in complete evolution, Alessandro Ragazzo thanks to the practice of “acoustic ecology” creates a series of sound layers ranging from naturalistic recordings of environments with delicate interventions of pure digital sound, blending noises, voices and landscapes. The very delicate video interventions by Giacomo Artusi also mix in the same place, images that take this intervention to an elsewhere, a dense forest of images made up of elements favorable to the development of the plant world.

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Proudly presents:
Noises From The Basement vol.23   21/06/2019

Soundscape, the end of the path, parallel project to the “terra d’ombra” album, field recordings, synth, drone…